Class Descriptions

100_2450Level 1/Gentle Yoga: This Hatha Yoga class moves through the postures slowly and includes detailed instruction for proper alignment and safety. It is designed for students who may be new to yoga or who prefer a gentle, relaxing style.

Level 2/Intermediate: This class is rooted in a Vinyasa Flow style, which connects breath and movement. It travels through a series of sequences that create heat in the body and offers the opportunity to experiment with longer holds. Students in this class can also explore guided hand balances and inversions.

All Levels: This class is designed for students of all levels. With teacher guidance, students may mold the postures and sequences to meet their own needs and abilities.

EARTH AND SKY YOGA: This class is a blend of Forrest, Jaguar Path, and Ashtanga Yoga. Stacey mixes Traditional and Non-Traditional systems of Yoga with Shamanic practices that help the practitioner delve deeper into their Core Being. This practice uses intelligent sequencing with a strong awareness of breath and the subtle body. It is suitable for beginners and advanced Yogis as well as those who are working with injuries, nervous system imbalances, and pregnancy. This is a fun, dynamic practice! Bring water, a hand towel, and a sense of humor

AWARENESS YOGA: Awareness Vinyasa Yoga – flow yoga as awareness meditation, utilizing breath and yoga practice as anchors for your attention to cultivate the ability to
sustain presence at will.


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